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Richard Ayre

BA (Hons) MBA (Warwick) CDir MIOD AIWS 

Richard understands the importance of effective communication within business. In a blue chip general management career, managing growth, reorientating strategy, or driving fundamental change, communication has always been a key component. Originally from a sales and marketing background, he has firsthand experience of managing high volume customer interactions, and has been exposed to a wide variety of languages and cultures both as a director and as a consultant.

He leads our broader business activities, and is actively involved coaching and mentoring fellow business leaders, and helping management teams become more effective. Strategy development is a particular interest.

He has also been active supporting business education in the UK. He delivered programmes for the DTI, served on the International Board of the Association of MBAs, and is now Chairman of the Institute of Directors South West. 

Enhanced performance through effective and confident speaking in the workplace: our innovative programme for individuals who stammer.