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Emma Black


Emma’s first degree was in Psychology and she has a particular interest in the association between speech language and communication needs and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. 


As a Research Associate for the innovative Enhancing Language and Communication in Secondary Schools (ELCISS) project she worked closely with a large cohort of schools in London, with an emphasis on supervising Teaching Assistants to deliver vocabulary and narrative intervention to students with previously unidentified language impairment.

 Emma enjoys working closely with TA's to train, support and mentor them in working with students with SLCN. She develops and delivers training for TA's, teachers, SENCOs and whole school workshops. She works directly with children and young people who have a range of speech, language and communication difficulties and has a particular professional interest in working with speech sound impairment.

Enhanced performance through effective and confident speaking in the workplace: our innovative programme for individuals who stammer.