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Employees with Communication Disabilities


Event: Communication Disabilities Masterclass - EFD with Talkcoach

22nd September 2011, 9:30am - 1:00pm, Slaughter and May, City of London


Anne Ayre, Director, Talkcoach Ltd

Tracey Abbott, Recruitment Advisor, Employers' Forum on Disability

Iain Wilkie, Senior Partner, Ernst and Young

At this event you will learn:

  • When and how people are likely to experience communication disabilities
  • How communication disabilities impact on people at work and how people can overcome these barriers to sustain a successful career
  • How you can support people who have communication disabilities in the workplace, including low cost/no cost adjustments
  • How you can support staff who acquire a communication disability later in life
  • Strategies on how to communicate with people who have communication disabilities in a variety of situations such as on the telephone, at interviews and during meetings
  • What the Equality Act says about communication disabilities

Communication disabilities include:

  • Aphasia (caused by stroke or head injury)
  • Autistic spectrum conditions (including Asperger syndrome)
  • Dysarthria (caused by cerebral palsy and progressive illnesses such as multiple sclerosis)
  • Dysphonia (voice problems)
  • Hearing impairment and deafness
  • Stammering or stuttering
  • Specific learning difficulties (dyslexia and dyspraxia)

Why attend?

This event will help you:
  • To feel more confident to work with or for someone with a communication disability
  • To better understand the behaviour of some colleagues, employees, and job applicants
  • To understand the barriers in your organisation facing people with communication disabilities and provide you with practical tools to break these down


Anne Ayre, Director, Talkcoach Ltd

Talkcoach provides training and consultancy to address communication issues in a wide variety of private and public sector organisations. Anne coaches individuals and works with managers and teams on communication disability challenges. With an international reputation in the field of speech, language and communication she has presented and published widely.

Tracey Abbott, Recruitment Advisor, Employers' Forum on Disability

Tracey has joined EFD as the Recruitment Advisor - a role created to help members increase the uptake of disabled talent whilst removing the barriers. Using her expertise and experience gained over two decades working in recruitment, Tracey delivers external reviews of recruitment practices to public and private sector organisations, develops and implements bespoke recruitment tool kits, and provides best practice recruitment training.

Iain Wilkie, Senior Partner, Ernst and Young


Delegates at previous EFD events said:

"Really comprehensive overview of the key issues." Keith Smith, HR Programmes Director, Logica

"Excellent mix of practical and theory. Confident to put in practice straight away and plenty to feedback to my colleagues." Pamela Tilt, HR Consultant, Nationwide

"Very clear, informative, good, valid examples to our business and very concise summary and breakdown of points raised" David Willis, Order Support Team Supervisor, Halfords

"Very informative; Good interaction with other attendees; Excellent case studies." M Walmsley, Team leader - Disability Policy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Who should attend?

This event will focus on communication disabilities in the workforce and amongst prospective job applicants; as such it is aimed at Human Resources, Diversity and Line Managers in the public and private sectors.

Price and booking

Full details and online booking available via the Employers' Forum on Disability


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