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Employees with Communication Disabilities

The successful employment of a person with a communication disability, as with any member of a diverse workforce, relies on a focus on the individual’s strengths, abilities and skills. It is important not to make assumptions about an individual’s potential performance because of a communication disability.

Raising awareness about communication disabilities can have an impact across the organisation – if an individual feels unable to speak freely in meetings the performance of the whole team will be affected. It is common for employees who have a communication disability such as a stammer to be working below their potential, this may be because they place limitations on their own potential or because of the negative attitudes of others.

Someone’s ability to work or return to work following an illness or injury will depend on the individual’s circumstances. There are likely to be opportunities for reasonable adjustments to ensure that talent is not lost.


Event: Communication Disabilities Masterclass - EFD with Talkcoach

22 September 2011, Slaughter and May, City of London.
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Case study: University of Exeter

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Award winning programme for employees who stammer

Anne Ayre and Louise Wright's programme for BAE Systems, Military Aircraft won a Chairman' SIlver Award for Innovation.
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Equality Act 2010

A quick start guide to the ban on questions about health and disability during recruitment
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Enhanced performance through effective and confident speaking in the workplace: our innovative programme for individuals who stammer.