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Maths Spirals for Primary School (Reception & KS1)

Maths Spirals builds on the highly successful and effective Spirals small group language programme. Tutor Marion Nash, Chartered Educational Psychologist, author of the Spirals series of books delivers our Maths Spirals training.

Maths Spirals has been developed specifically to support children who find language a barrier to competence in Maths. This includes children with language delay and EAL. These children may have good number skills but find the unfamiliar language of Maths a barrier. The sessions are designed to develop chlldren's ability to develop and use problelm solving and thinking strategies in Maths.

Many children can find language a barrier to learning, but when you are trying to involve them in Maths their language difficulties are compounded by the specific subject vocabulary. Many Maths words are not heard outside the Maths lessons yet these children need enhanced opportunities to hear and rehearse words. Also many everyday words children may be familiar with are used in a different way in Maths. Think how many ways you can use the words last, light, take away.

 Course book: The course book Language Development for Maths: Circle Time Sessions to Improve Language Skills: SPIRALS is (RRP £26.99) included.

Date: Thursday 12th July 

Venue: Okehampton, Devon

Time: 9.30 - 12.30

£95 +VAT (Discount for 2 people £80 +VAT per person)

(You must have first attended an Upwards Spirals course to attend Maths Spirals)

Also available: Upwards Spirals and Science Spirals

To book, please click here, email or telephone 01837 658959

Click here for a printable flyer.

"It opened my eyes to the complex nature of SLCN and how far reaching this is." TA