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Science Spirals for Primary School (Reception & KS1)

Science Spirals builds on the highly successful and effective Spirals small group language programme. Tutor Marion Nash, Chartered Educational Psychologist, author of the Spirals series of books delivers our Science Spirals training.

Science Spirals has been developed to help children who find language a challenge. These children can find it difficult to understand verbal instructions and they have neither the skills nor the confidence to frame questions to clarify their understanding. One of the hardest tasks for children in Science is to move from questions such as what is this? to How do you know?, The Science Spirals sessions give invaluable ideas on how to support children in these areas. Feedback from teachers has been that many children in the spirals groups have become better at understanding and framing questions than peers in their class who are at a higher language level.

The content of each session supports the language skills required to develop understanding of basic early science concepts. The activities are designed to achieve a balance of movement and focus to support learning. This maintains concentration, develops active listening, and helps to achieve mastery. A range of concepts, skills and processes needed to progress in Science progress through the games.

Participants will have the Science Spirals Practical Course book outlining the sessions in detail and a clear understanding of how to support children in all these areas by using Spirals Science group work for 25 minutes once a week

The course provides an understanding of the theory and the psychology that makes Science Spirals effective, information on the Golden keys of language support, practical experience using the resources in the most effective way, and 6 months e-mail support.

The course book Language Development For Science: Circle Time Sessions to Improve Language Skills: SPIRALS is (RRP £25.99) included.

Date: Thursday 12th July

Venue: Okehampton, Devon

Time: 1.30 - 4.30

£95 +VAT (Discount for 2 people £80 +VAT per person)

(You must have first attended an Upwards Spirals course to attend Science Spirals)

Also available: Upwards Spirals and Maths Spirals

To book, please click here, email or telephone 01837 658959

Click here for a printable flyer.



"It opened my eyes to the complex nature of SLCN and how far reaching this is." TA