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Eureka Programmes - Developing Students who Stammer

Evidence shows that working in a group reduces feelings of isolation, increases confidence and enables these students to make positive changes. The Eureka programme is specifically designed around group work for university students who stammer.
The programmes are a development of the successful Teens Challenge programme, run by the Swindon Fluency Trust at Skern Lodge for 15 years. Talkcoach has worked in partnership with Skern Lodge, which is a national provider of leadership and development training, to develop these innovative programmes.

Overall aims of the Eureka programme

• To enable equal opportunity for self development and reduce the impact of a stammer on teaching and learning.
• To enhance and develop confidence in oral communication using a variety of activities while gaining a practical understanding of effective team working and leadership.
Students will
• Identify and reflect on their communication strengths
• Gain confidence in speaking in groups
• Practise effective communication skills
• Develop strategies for speaking in challenging situations
• Use techniques to reduce anxiety
• Develop their team working, problem solving and negotiating skills
• Review and develop their presentation skills (using video feedback)


Enhanced performance through effective and confident speaking in the workplace: our innovative programme for individuals who stammer.