Friday 3rd October 2014

Teens Challenge Course - Talkcoach provides expertise pro bono

The Teens Challenge takes place in the summer holidays at the Skern Lodge Activities Centre in North Devon. The course package includes an assessment day, the five-day course and a follow-up day, plus a detailed report and liaison via telephone for professionals.

The aims of the course are to develop:

  • confidence in communicating
  • a more positive attitude to speaking and decrease sensitivity to stammering
  • strategies for managing stammering and increasing the feeling of fluency control
  • problem-solving skills and self-help skills
  • positive thinking skills

The Fluency Trust is a registered charity, created out of a desire by people who stammer and Speech and Language therapists to provide intensive residential courses for young people who stammer.

Enhanced performance through effective and confident speaking in the workplace: our innovative programme for individuals who stammer.